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About Us

This is the first thing that a visitor to your site may stop and read. Introduce yourself! Give a good 3 or 4 sentences about who you are, what you do/offer, and why the visitor should work with you or purchase from you.

Don't make it too long, though! The acronym TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) is very real for people today. The average attention span of a "millennial" today is only 8 seconds, in part due to being bombarded with over 5,000 marketing messages per day (as opposed to only 500 back in 1970).*

*Source (click here)

Icons & Services Section w/ Buttons

This is where either three of your main services that you offer that are listed on your Services page can be highlighted, or three separate important pages (such as Menu, Weekly Specials, and Locations for a restaurant) can be showcased here.

Statistics Section

Statistics can help validate you as a business or validate whatever product or service you are offering. This can be anything from review ratings to success rates. Be sure to cite sources for your statistics to further validate them!

User/Partner Brands

Brand showcasing is another way to validate your business by connecting the popularity and success of other companies with your own. This can be logos from other businesses that you partner with or brands of products that you sell. 


Facebook and Google reviews are today's "word of mouth." If someone does a Google search for an auto body shop and they see a low score with nearly every review stating how poorly they were treated, they are going to pass over that business and look for another one even if those reviews aren't totally accurate! Maintaining positive reviews and ratings is crucial to bringing in new business. Here we can showcase three of your best reviews to further validate your business.

Contact Us

Make sure your customers can contact you! Over time, fewer and fewer people are making phone calls and are resorting to text-based forms of communication such as text messaging or email. Offering to be contacted by email gives them the ability to contact you when they may not be able to make a phone call, and it gives you the ability to respond to them whenever you're not busy meeting with other customers in person.